Jau River, Brazil


The forest floors of Brazil are ecologically diverse biotopes, seasonally inundated by rain and overflowing adjacent water courses. Under the influence of these larger rivers, you will see various water depths based on the annual cycle of inundation. This influx of water floods surrounding rain forest floors, and the result is a feature called an igapo. Any material on the forest floor becomes part of the now aquatic environment, creating a fantastically diverse and beautiful habitat.

The Jau River is a blackwater river tributary of the Rio Negro, located between Moura and Nova Airao in the Central Amazon. This River is 300KM long and drains into largely undisturbed lowland tropical forest. During the rainy season, Igapo are abundant here.

And of course, we couldn't help but be inspired! The igapo is a fantastic "jumping off point" for exploring biotopically-themed aquariums. The botanicals here have been carefully curated from our collection for both their geographic "appropriateness", and, in some instances, for the way they resemble materials found in these habitats.

They're home to a surprising variety and population density of fishes, with some studies of igapo yielding as many as 20-40 different species of fishes in a 200 square meter area! The possibilities for us as hobbyists are irresistible! Go flood your own forest!