Kolente River, Guinea


One of the most intriguing, yet not commonly-replicated regions of the world, aquatic habitat-wise, is West Africa. The areas of Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, in particular, offer a wealth of beautiful fish species and unique habitats that are just begging to be replicated in the aquarium!

This river forms a portion of the international border between Guinea and Sierra Leone, and is home to many species of fishes, ranging from Epiplatys species killifishes, to various cichlids from the Pelvicachromis genus, to Synodontis catfish and even some cool characins, like the African Darter Characin, Nannocharax fasciatus.  tributaries nearby encompass a variety of ecological niches.

The water in the Kolenté River is of negligible carbonate hardness, with a pH of around 6.0. You'll find lots of Anubias, Bolblitis, and Vallisneria species in the typical fine gravel substrate. Leaves and botanical materials from overhanging forest trees are scattered about the substrate and among boulders and rocks.

Now, we'll be first to tell you that this collection is a creative representation of the materials found in and along the river and its tributaries. The botanicals contained in the pack are found in many other parts of the world, but we think it's a nice variety of items which will lend itself well to replicating this beautiful river.