Hand Curated Wood


Just imagine an aquascape without wood of some sort. You can’t, right? Seems like everyone likes wood in aquariums. And there's a lot of it out there. Selecting the right piece of wood can make or break an aquascape. Wood has to be both attractive and functional. We totally get that.

Because one of the key cornerstones of our brand is "wood", we continuously strive to source unusual, eclectic pieces to grace your aquascapes. We thoughtfully select only those specimens which "talk" to us; which bring a special "something" to an aquascape. Pieces that you can use on a stand-alone basis, or to attach aquatic mosses and epiphytic plants to with ease and style. They're perfectly suitable for vivariums, terrariums, and ripariums as well.

Our ultimate goal is to have a deep selection of WYSIWYG aquatic wood of all sizes, for a variety of aquascaping projects. We're taking the time to get it right. Like aquascaping, selecting wood for aquatic use is a process, a craft- an obsession.

Anyone can sell you a piece of nice wood, but it takes discriminating aquascaping enthusiasts to take the time and effort to select only pieces that we'd want to add to our own aquariums for inclusion in our collection. That’s what sets Tannin aquatic wood apart.

We also realize that it's kind of hard to be 100% certain just how a given piece of wood will look from different angles, and it may be tough to convey that in our catalog pics. So, if you need an additional pic or information on a piece of wood you're considering, just let us know and we'll do our best to help!

We think that the time and effort that went into selecting our aquatic wood for your consideration are well worth it. You might just say that there’s a bit of "passion" included with each piece of wood we offer! We wouldn't have it any other way.