"River Pebbles" -Approx 4lb (1.81kg) Bag

The joy of natural-style aquariums is that you can replicate so many unique ecological niches and aquatic habitats. For years, we took note of streams and rivers with aggregations of small pebbles, and experimented with a lot of different types and sizes before we found these guys- our favorites!  

These highly variable, smooth, rounded, and "naturally-polished" pebbles are perfect for all sorts of aquascaping projects! We've been using these for years now, and love the aesthetic they bring.  Each one is different, of course, but they are typically round, oval or sort of "abstract" in shape, reasonably smooth in texture. Many are quite “polished”, while others are more “matte” and worn. They range in size from less than around 1" to as much as 2" (2.54cm-5.08cm) in diameter.

Although we have not personally experienced any significant changes in water chemistry when using these rocks, you should always test your water to gauge the impact on your specific system.

Each bag is a random selection of pebbles, filled with all of the delightful natural variations that make them so special!  They're sold by weight, so the number of pebbles you'll receive in a given bag will vary- typically, the 4Lb bag will contain around 80-100 pebbles.


NOTE: These are natural items, and the picture above is for representative purposes only. Your pieces will differ from those shown. 

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Because of the weight and box size restrictions, these pebbles may be expensive to ship, and are NOT currently available for international shipping. We will continue to work to make shipping these pebbles internationally possible.



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