"Tannin Aquatics is more than just a purveyor of aquascaping materials. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be inspired. Our products support an earthy, organic canvas upon which you can express yourself through the art of aquascaping. We provide information, the muse, and natural materials for you to create blackwater and brackish microcosms which blur the lines between nature and aquarium." -Scott Fellman, Owner

The Tint

Out of the "frying pan..."

April 19, 2019

  Yes, it's time for me to start ruminating about stuff that I've been plying with in my head for years...You know, the idea of an aquascaping contest. Now, with my complete disdain for the typical aquascaping contests- the absurd rules, the endless arguments over format, attitudes, etc, I feel like I'm likely opening up myself for more trouble... 😂 I know we talked about the "Igapo Challenge" some time back...It's something that I know we'll do later...However, I think our first contest needs to have a broader appeal... It needs to be a bit more inclusive, and do more than just reward the best-looking tank. That being said, I think a contest can perform some valuable functions in our...

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The art of habitat representation: A case study...

April 18, 2019

As an observer of modern aquascaping- in a variety of forms, I've spent quite a bit of time looking at flooded forest floors. This interesting habitat offers incredibly interesting aesthetics and function. It's a habitat which gives us the opportunity to not only be creative, but to learn about its unique dynamics and function. If we look at this habitat a little deeper, we can perhaps pull out some components of it, and consider what materials we could use to replicate its unique features. This is something that I love...assessing which materials would do the job. We have received so many requests about "...which ones do I use?" that it made a lot of sense for us to address this in...

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