"Tannin Aquatics is more than just a purveyor of aquascaping materials. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be inspired. Our products support an earthy, organic canvas upon which you can express yourself through the art of aquascaping. We provide information, the muse, and natural materials for you to create blackwater and brackish microcosms which blur the lines between nature and aquarium." -Scott Fellman, Owner

The Tint

The beauty of the ephemeral...

February 16, 2019

One concept about botanical-style aquariums that I can't seem to bring up enough is the idea that many of the habitats we like to represent in our tanks- and the materials which we utilize to 'scape them, are ephemeral. In other words, they are not permanent features, breaking down and decomposing following long-term submersion. I find the ephemeral alluring.  Leaves, of course, are the ultimate statement of Nature's ephemeral character. Things always change. Nothing lasts forever- at least, not in its original form. Leaves begin to break down and impart organic materials, ranging from tannins to humid substances- even sugars- to the water. One interesting observation I’ve made over the years concerning adding leaves to the aquarium and letting them...

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Preservation of the patina..

February 14, 2019

The other day, I had someone ask me, "... if Tannin is going to offer ________ brand of products, and more of ____________ , to become a 'more mainstream shop' in the hobby" (his words), and it made me immediately shudder a bit, and reflect on the "state of play" in our little corner of the aquarium world; where we are, how we see it, and what we're doing here. My point of view looks at things a bit differently.  It ain't pretty. Some of you won't like my tone here. I'm warning you: There is a point in the aquarium hobby where you start looking at your 11,000th Instagram feed post of a aquascape with " ____ Stone" and "Blah, blah, blah Grass" and the...

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