"Tannin Aquatics is more than just a purveyor of aquascaping materials. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be inspired. Our products support an earthy, organic canvas upon which you can express yourself through the art of aquascaping. We provide information, the muse, and natural materials for you to create blackwater and brackish microcosms which blur the lines between nature and aquarium." -Scott Fellman, Owner

The Tint

"Geographic transgressions" and other forgivable sins...

September 26, 2022

I'm not immune to any "temptations" I might encounter along the way to my ultimate goals, who it comes to aquairums, believe me... There is always that part of me which falls headlong into that "shiny object syndrome"- you know something cool catches my eye along the way, and there I am, off on a tangent, researching and considering ways to "modify" my plan...complete with justification when something cool becomes available ("Well, you know, just because I SAID it's going to be an Asian blackwater stream with Rasbora espie doesn't mean that I can't have a few of those Copella arnoldi in there. I mean, "SPLASHING-FREAKING TETRA- HELLO!" ) (Image by Zikamoi, used under CC-BY S.A. 3.0) Now, the reality is...

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September 14, 2022

in·cep·tion /inˈsepSH(ə)n/ noun- The establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.   We've had a lot of requests lately to discuss how we start up our botanical method aquariums. Now sure, we've covered this topic before over the years; yet, as our practices have evolved, so has our understanding about why we do things the way that we do- and why it works. Establishing a new botanical method aquarium is an exciting, fun, and interesting time.  And the process of creating your aquarium is shockingly easy, decidedly un-stressful, and extremely engaging. The main ingredients that you need are vision, a bit of knowledge, and... patience. Bringing your tank from a clean, dry,"static display" to a living, breathing microcosm,...

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