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To boldly go...

October 26, 2016

As you know, I seem to write a lot of blogs based on conversations I have with fellow fish geeks. I love fellow hobbyists! They motivate, delight, confuse, and inspire me. And sometimes, they make me want to shake them! Like the other day, when I spoke with a hobbyist who had some really crazy cool ideas he wanted to play with in a new tank, but was worried about the criticism he'd take from his fellow hobbyists.  Arrghh! Of course, being the against-the-grain kind of fish geek that I am, I heard his feeble argument about why he shouldn't go for it, and I think I talked some sense into him. Actually, I think I gently kicked his ass...but...

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Accepting, incorporating, evolving...changing.

October 25, 2016

It’s a real leap of faith for us fish geeks to try something new, isn’t it? I mean, on the whole, as a hobby-we’ve done things pretty successfully, with some gradual iterations along the way- for the better part of 100+ or so years… Sure, there have been changes in basic technology- like frozen foods, freeze-dried foods, under gravel filters, internal water pumps, wet-dry filters…canister filters. Thanks to intense efforts by hobbyists, breeding of fishes once considered near impossible, like Discus, is commonplace. Aquascaping has evolved from a pleasant side diversion to a full-blown professional/competitive "circuit!" And what about the planted aquarium? It's virtually a hobby in and of itself! "Dirted" tanks, estimative index, tissue culture...We’ve gone through different types of stuff like aquarium substrates...

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Stuff that used to scare the @#$% out of me, but doesn't anymore!

October 24, 2016

Okay, I know I put out a lot of posts talking about what we've learned in the botanical/blackwater game, and an equal number with my conservative admonitions to do this or that before using botanicals in your tanks. Most of this stuff is still just that- conservative. However, it's based on years of my experimenting with what worked and what didn't, in regards to adding botanicals to aquariums. Despite some pretty radical experimentation- perhaps even bordering on "reckless" with this stuff- I've personally only had one or two incidents that actually resulted in the loss of life of fish, and one of them may be partially attributable to circumstances other than use of botanicals. I don't claim to have even...

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