"Tannin Aquatics is more than just a purveyor of aquascaping materials. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be inspired. Our products support an earthy, organic canvas upon which you can express yourself through the art of aquascaping. We provide information, the muse, and natural materials for you to create blackwater and brackish microcosms which blur the lines between nature and aquarium." -Scott Fellman, Owner

The Tint

Transitioning to "The Tint"...slowly!

July 13, 2020

It's pretty incredible to see the explosion in interest in botanical-style aquariums in the last several months. To call this stuff a "trend" is simply to sell this stuff too short. Nature abhors trends (and so do I, btw...), and the idea of using botanical materials in our aquariums is actually an extremely natural process.  Yet, it's a lot different than what we're used to, right? I realize that a lot of newcomers to our "side of the fence" are simply not sure if this stuff is for them. Many are drawn to the overall aesthetic, but are still put off by the idea of stuff decomposing in their aquariums; about fungal growths, biofilms, and detritus. These are things which...

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Hahnel knew it...

July 12, 2020

The history of aquarium keeping is an intimate mix of exotic fishes, equally exotic locales, interesting practices, and amazing people. If you go back into the history of our hobby, you're likely to encounter a few names that transcend both time snd geography: Axelrod, Baensch, LaCorte, Fenner, and a guy from New York (via Germany) named Paul Hahnel.  Often called the "Father of the Fancy Guppy", Hahnel is considered one of the giants of the aquarium hobby, having pioneered the technique and disciplines which helped make the fancy guppy one of the world's most popular and beautiful fishes. Hahnel and his contemporaries were pioneers, but they were not scientists in the traditional sense. Rather, hobbyists such as Hahnel applied careful...

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