Bael Tree Pod

These unique pods are perfect for all sorts of aquatic applications! Actually, the dried fruit husk from the "Bael Tree", Aegle marmelos, they are reminiscent of the fruits and seed pods that fall into tropical streams and waterways. Aesthetically and functionally quite versatile, they vary in size, yet average around 1.5"- 2"(3.81-5.08cm) in diameter.

Much-loved by frog keepers as a hiding place or water dish, they look pretty cool when used in the aquarium, as well! They're all-around terrific botanicals that will definitely find a place in any natural aquarium or vivarium setup! For more insight into this unique botanical, check out our recent write-up in "The Tint!"

PREPARATION: We'd give them a good 20 minute boil. They are extremely lightweight and difficult to sink, so you can simply fill them with some gravel or small rocks, and they'll go right to the bottom! Or just insert them partially into the substrate and call it a day.



NOTE: These are a natural product, and display variation in color, size, and texture. Each pod is unique! The photo serves as a reasonable representation of what to expect. 

All of our aquatic botanicals are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. Please use common sense and take the time to boil or soak all botanicals prior to using them, to reduce the possibility of problems. Always go slow when introducing any botanicals into your systems, so you can judge the effect they have on your fishes and plants. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!



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