In praise of plastic...?

Ever had that one piece of rock, driftwood, or plastic plant that became the "go to" aquascaping component for your aquariums?

You know, the one you could rely on to complete that scene, give that "look"- and help you achieve your abasing goals? Like an old friend, it came through every time for you, right?

I had a plastic plant that I received in fourth grade from my parents for my 10-gallon tank- a beautiful (if not kinda fake looking) "Living World Red Ludwigia"- like 8" tall, with lots of colorful green and red leaves. I was the envy of the other kids on the block who kept fish when I introduced that one into my tank!

And I used it for years- in all sorts of setups- ranging from cichlid breeding tanks, to guppy tanks, to kill rearing tanks. Before I felt comfortable keeping live plants, this thing was my "go to!" Kind of like that well-worn in pair of jeans, or your favorite leather jacket...I loved that thing.

Ever the trendsetter, I "modded mine" (a sign of fish geek accomplishments to come, right?) by clipping some of the "leaves" and branches off to give mine a more random, custom look. Too cool. 

And this planet served me very well...I mean, I even used it on my first saltwater tank...The Clownfishes felt perfectly at home with it's red and green regalia...What a look!

The plant stood by me through thick and thin, serving me in so many capacities...a true old friend.

Nowadays, in all but the most specific of circumstances, (like in a quarantine tank), I'd be hesitant- if not appalled- to employ a plastic plant. But wouldn't you know it- if I could ever find my old friend, it would be the first thing I reached for when putting together my hospital tank...

Maybe I'll just get a different one. Plastic plants are perfect for those types of setups, right?

And that is the best use I can think of for a plastic plant.

So, thanks for the memories, my little plastic friend...wherever you are. I never will forget you and the journeys you took me on...

Stay strong...Stay graceful. And hopefully,

Stay wet!

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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