Why fight it?

"Going for it..."

Kind of a scary notion for a lot of people, but not for a fish geek, huh?

I mean, a fish persona will, at the drop of a hat, fall for a fish, do intensive research, then set up an entire aquarium devoted to the fish...maybe even several.

We are not really "impulsive"- rather, I'd say fish geeks are "decisive!" We don't spend enless amounts of time over analyzing stuff from every angle. A fish persona sees an opportunity to try something cool, new, and different, does a brief evaluation- and goes for it!

That whole "doing versus talking" thing is the best part about fish people, IMHO (besides their generosity)...As fish geeks, we understand that opportunities to try new things are what keeps a hobby vital, and what increases our skill set, and enriches our lives and hobby experience. Trying new stuff keeps us engaged.

I've been to numerous club meetings, where, at the conclusion of the show, the fish auction goes on, and it seems like the person who always ends up getting the most stuff is the person who said "Nah, I'm full to capacity...no more!" at the beginning. You know, the guy or girl who has thousands of BAP points and has bred every fish around..

However, these types- most hobby types- can't resist the opportunity to try something new. It's fun to see, especially when really talented and experienced hobbyists give something new to them a try...The results are usually pretty cool! They magically "find" more space; another tank- more time...They just do.

So, my simple advice to you on a Saturday, before you head out to the local club meeting with the intentions of NOT taking on any more fish:

Clear off a space in your fish room. get an extra tank ready.

You can't fight it off...That urge, that compulsion.

Nor should you!

Stay special. Stay delighted.

Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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