A (wet) holiday wish...

As the Holiday season zips up on us and roars away rapidly, it's interesting for me to pause and reflect a bit on how the tropical fish hobby seems somehow tied to Holidays.

Like many fish people, I received my first aquarium as a gift. I associate the aquarium hobby with that wonderful excitement that comes with the Season! Many kids get their start in this way, and the gift of an aquarium forever influences their sentiment towards the hobby.

What a gift an aquarium is!


But unlike many gifts, like the game console, new bike, and hover boards, an aquarium opens doors...opens possibilities, challenges, and pathways to the future. 

How many careers in sciences were started because a kid embraced the challenges and wonders of being a steward of living creatures in an aquarium? How many kids passed this love of aquatic life on to their kids over the years?

I'm willing to wager- quite a few.

There is much wonder, challenge, much enjoyment, and much learning that an aquarium brings...If only those who have never experienced the excitement and pleasure of owning an aquarium could get that feeling, I could imagine how enriched their lives could be.

An aquarium- this hobby- are truly gifts which keep on giving, enriching our lives, and adding to the joys of living. We know that. Our kids probably know that. 

My wish to all of you this Holiday season is that you continue to enjoy the hobby, and, when feasible, share your love of all things aquatic with all those who will listen, so that they might get the same feeling.

Thank you for supporting Tannin during our first months of existence. We look forward to growing, evolving, and supporting our fellow hobbyists during 2016 and beyond.

Happy Holidays, and may the blessings that this season brings stay with you throughout the year!

Stay in touch. Stay focused on your family, and what's really important in life. And of course...

Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics




Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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