First look at "Rio Fruta", our newest aquatic botanical.

It's always exciting when we get ready to release some new botanicals!

For us, it's not just a launch of something new- it's the culmination of months of experimenting, seeing how the botanicals in question will work in a variety of aquatic situations. Studying and observing their "handling" characteristics- how they respond to boiling, soaking, and long-term submergence.

Sometimes, we work with seemingly promising botanicals that end up not useable for our purposes. Maybe they don't sink at all. Or Perhaps they simply rot away or disintegrate super quickly, rendering them unsuitable for aquatic use. Maybe they just don't "work" for some other reason.

It doesn't matter. What does matter to us is to bring you botanicals that work under a wide variety of aquatic situations. Not just any leaf, head pod, or branch will do. That's why we consider a lot of factors when we release a new botanical for sale on our site.

Our newest botanical, coming next week, is "Rio Fruta", a beautiful Nypa palm-derived botanical that has some cool characteristics, rendering it useful and attractive for our purposes. First off, it's got a really great "tropical river" look that will definitely enhance any biotope aquarium it's added to. In addition, it has a size and shape that make it really good for fishes, ornamental shrimp, and even frogs to hide around. 

"Rio Fruta" has the benefit of being fairly long-lasting, and will give off some tint to you water over time. It's relatively easy to prepare, with a longer boil and a few days of soaking in fresh water, which will ensure easier sinking and get out some of the initial tannins. All in all, you've got a cool botanical with a beautiful marriage of aesthetic and utility, with a wide variety of applications for aquatic use.

We think you'll like this one, as it brings a certain look and feel to a variety of setups. In the vivarium, it creates a very nice "boundary" for plants and other 'scaping materials, and provides areas of interest. In the aquarium, it will serve as a more permanent component of a stream-bottom biotope, where it provides shelter, foraging areas, and territory for a variety of fishes.

All in all, we're pretty excited to bring you "Rio Fruta", as it will definitely become a favorite  "prop" for biotope enthusiasts and lovers of cool natural aquascaping!



Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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