"Give me shelter!" A look at the best pods for fishes to live in...

One of the cool things about Tannin is that our customers have started giving us great feedback on our products; suggestions, compliments, new ideas, and questions. It's all greatly appreciated!

One of the questions we get a lot is "Which pods do you recommend as shelter for_____________?"

I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick rundown of our pods that tend to be good "homes" or hiding places for certain fishes and ornamental shrimps.

For Apistos, Catfish, small Kinifefishes, and even Ctenopoma, wild Bettas and such, the top pod has to be the "Jungle Pod", with it's sizable opening and multiple placement applications.

In a close second would be the "Savu Pod", which has a much smaller opening (some specimens are larger- if you request when you order, we can try to select ones with larger openings if you need them), yet still accommodates a surprisingly large array of small cichlids, Cory cats, Otocinculus, some Tetras, and small loaches.


Another great pod for shelter would be the "Snapping Lampada Pod", essentially an unbroken "Lamapada Pod", which, with it's comical "PacMan"-like appearance, has a small opening that is perfect for juvenile Apistos, Corys, ornamental shrimp, and even some shy Tetras. 

Another one that works well for shelter is the "Concha Pod", which, although its softer and more pliable that the other pods in this category, has a great "scoop" shape that is perfect for a hiding place for smaller Cichlids, catfishes, and shrimp. Some specimens tend to "close up on themselves after preparation, creating a smaller opening that I know at least one catfish of mine loves!

Finally, the "Tapete Pod" is in there, too- surprisingly, I might add, because upon first examination, you'd think this flattish, slightly curved pod would be more suited for leaf litter supplementation. But, alas, it's great to "construct" little "tent like" shelters or "networks" of hiding places on the bottom of your tank, won't decompose to any great extent, and is large enough to be a great hiding place for a wide variety of fishes and shrimps!

Well, that's a not-so-brief rundown of the best pods to use as hiding places for fishes and shrimp! If you have suggestions, recommendations, observations- or even better- pics of your fishes inhabiting our pods, feel free to post 'em! We might just hook you up with a surprise or two on your next order!

Stay wet!


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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