Two new "featherweight" pods that will enhance your "leaf litter" zone!

You've been telling us that you love creating "leaf litter" zones in your tanks, and that you'd like us to add some more selections to our collection- and we listened! 

Here's a first look at two new pods we'll be releasing shortly.. They're  depicted here right out of our test tank after a prolonged submergence.. Looking good!

Say hello to the "Terra Sorrindo" Pod on the left, and the cool "Mariposa Pod" on the right. They're around 2"-3" long and about 1.75"-2" in width, so they blend nicely with Catappa or other leaves.

Both are "super-lightweights," and will be perfect, long-lasting "supporting players" in a layer of leaf litter in your tank! They will require some prep (boiling or a prolonged room temperature soak) before you can get them to sink, but they are really useful, and will add a lot of variety, interest, and realism to your display

Watch for them to be released in the next day or so!


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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