Philosophical ramblings- and a bit on our core values...

You might not know this, but we don't do "pre-packaged" aquatic botanical orders. Each piece is carefully selected by hand, and packed specifically for you!

Nothing "mass-produced" about it.


It takes a bit more time, but we kinda think our customers are worth it. Slow. Deliberate. Intentional. Shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind everything that we sell, and back it up the with service and support that you deserve.

This type of "craft-like" process reflects the core values, beliefs and philosophies that led to the founding of Tannin.

When we were developing the concept of our "aquatic boutique", we reflected on a lot of things in the aquatic world that hold an endless fascination for us...

What is it about the interplay between leaves, wood, water and fishes that we find so irresistible? There is something earthy, organic, and entirely “existential” to the visual and sensory experience of an aquarium aquascaped with these natural materials. A feeling, a mood…something that we can’t quite put a finger on.

Our obsession with utilizing natural botanical materials in our aquascapes- leaves, wood, seed pods, branches, shells, rocks, etc. and the impact that these materials have on the water characteristics-and aesthetics- were the direct inspiration for the founding of Tannin.  I wanted to be able to offer fellow hobbyists a collection of things to help them create something a little different than the typical “highly green” planted aquariums that we see everywhere these days. 

Upon visiting our site, there will be no doubt that our inspiration comes from areas of the Amazon Basin, Southeast Asia, and the rain forests of Africa. You’ll come to find that we’re also big fans of the Rift Lake Cichlids, the catfishes, killies, and of course, the Tetras and Apistogramma that call South America home. 

Do you like earthy, rich tones and beautiful textures? Yeah, I do, too.

Who is our archetypical customer? Well, it's you, of course.

You’re the consummate hobbyist- the relentless explorer, the creative…Perhaps you're a reef hobbyist longing to try something a bit different? Maybe a long-time fish breeder or biotope fan.

We understand you. We are you.

We have everything that you’re looking for. Even if it’s not that much.

We wanted to curate a selection of products- and ideas- for those interested in an elegant, yet undeniably complex natural aesthetic, created by leaves, wood, rocks, and the fishes who inhabit these niches. Our collection will consist of some things that you may not find everywhere, and some other items that, although relatively common in the hobby, are not available in one convenient place. 

You’ll find stuff like specialized “small batch” foods, breeding supplies, and other products that you’d have to literally search the world to find. Perhaps stuff that you’ve wanted to try but simply didn’t have the desire to source yourself, or didn’t want to have to purchase in bulk. We’ll have brands that you’re familiar with, some that you’ve never heard of but have been keen on trying, and our own brand of selected products.

The goal was not to create a “one stop shop” for all things aquatic; to pull you away from the vendors you patronize for most of your mainstream aquarium products. The goal was to create a place that offers a thoughtfully curated collection of items that help you achieve certain affects with your aquariums, and to do it with a little fun; a little humor- and a LOT of customer service.

Without pretentiousness, hype, or the desire to imitate anyone else. It’s not about us trying to be “cool”, or follow some external company’s dogmatic approach to the hobby.  It’s about helping YOU to create microcosms that satisfy your curiosity and relentless aesthetic. About fun.




Many of the items we’ll offer are geared towards smaller aquariums. This was intentional. Smaller systems give their owners the ability to experiment and try lots of different concepts relatively easily and affordably. We also cater to the hobbyists who want to try their hand at breeding fishes on a small scale, or creating simple planted systems.  Our blog, “The Tint”, will offer a fresh point of view much different than what you’ve typically encountered in hobby media. maybe it will get you thinking? Maybe it will entertain a bit? Or perhaps, it'll just piss you off! Well, hopefully to does something!

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Purpose, not price. We’re not for everyone. We are for you.

We took quite a while to get things right before we launched. And we’re not apologizing for that!  The goal was to make sure that we have the right mix of product, the correct functionality on our web site; the optimal consumer experience. Our customers mean everything to us, and our level of service will reflect that. There will be plenty that will evolve. We’ll make mistakes, bad decisions, and no doubt have several iterations of everything as we continue nuancing our vision. That’s just how it goes, I suppose. We’re human, just like you. And we’re happy about that!

Think of us as an aquatic “boutique”, with an eclectic product mix, and a desire to continuously source and offer items that meet the needs of hobbyists who are seeking something just a bit different. Come to us with ideas dancing in your mind, and dreams of creating something different than you have before. 

Leave us with the things that you need to help you get there.

And stay wet!


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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