America's Favorite Pod? Our customers share their uses for the "Jungle Pod!"

Even at this early point in our history, it's apparent that the "Jungle Pod" is becoming our most-loved aquatic botanical- and for good reason! It's cool-looking, easy to prepare, and has a variety of applications for aquarium use!



Here are 8 cool uses, as suggested by YOU- our customers- for this awesome pod:

1) As a natural spawning cave for Apistogramma and African riverine cichlids like Kribs

2) As a “planter” for plants like Anubias- you can move them where you want without disturbing the substrate!

3) As a “feeding station” for ornamental shrimp

4)To hide the outlet from your filter or powerhead (One customer called them nature’s answer to Lily Pipes!” Okay…)

5) As a containment system for peat or whatever substrate you use to spawn Annual or bottom spawning Killies

6)As a shelter for young Knifefishes

7)As a “superstructure” for creating a “moss ball!”

8) As a floating "probe holder" for a CO2 probe in a planted tank

What will YOU use the "Jungle Pod" for in your aquarium? Share your tips (and pics!) here!

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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Heather Mars
Heather Mars

March 12, 2019

a hiding cave for Badis ( Dario Dario)

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