Malaysian Driftwood- Hand-Selected Specimens

Malaysian Driftwood adds a note of nature to your aquarium. It's lightweight, porous, yet quite sturdy despite its delicate appearance. We love this stuff, and that's we we offer it as part of our hand-curated wood selection! It's one of the "forgotten varieties" of wood that we think deserves much more attention from the hobby! 

These  pieces are perfect for smaller aquarium as a centerpeice, or for grouping together to create points of interest in larger displays. Each specimen is carefully hand-curated by passionate aquascaping geeks. Each one has a distinct "personality", providing you numerous options for incorporating them into an aquascape.

Anyone can sell you a chunk of driftwood, but it takes hardcore aquatic geeks like us to take the time and effort into finding pieces that work for you in the "real world" of aquascaping, ripariums, and vivariums! That’s what sets Tannin Malaysian Driftwood apart!

These are Fantastic pieces! 

Our Malaysian Driftwood pieces are called "medium", and average around 10"-14"/25.4-35.56cm long and approximately 2.5"-4"/6.35-10.16cm wide or more!

This is a lightweight wood, which requires soaking in order to saturate and sink it. It will also leach significant tannins into the water initially (which we kind of like, of course).


NOTE: The photograph is representative of the piece of wood you will receive. Your piece will vary in shape and texture, as each piece is unique. These are NOT WYSIWYG specimens. 


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