"River Stone" -Individual Hand Selected Pieces

If you're into "tinted", botanical-themed aquariums, you've no doubt studied the wild habitats of the world, looking for inspiration. And you've probably seen that a lot of the streams and rivers will have a variety of smooth, rounded stones strewn about the bottom. 

We've been using these awesome stones in our own task for years and years, and can't say enough about them. Each one is different, but they are typically round, oval or sort of "abstract" in shape, reasonably smooth in texture, and not too heavy. They're great to mix in with botanicals, leaves, and wood, offering a great contrast. 

Although we have not personally experienced any significant changes in water chemistry when using these rocks, you should always test your water to gauge the impact on your specific system.

We'll select your pieces for you, based on aesthetics, a mix of sizes, and the very practical desire to maximize the number of pieces per order. We're not, however, "Iwagumi Consultants", selecting perfect pieces for the ultimate display. The old "you'll just have to trust us" line is definitely the case here!

They range in size from about 5"x3" ( 12.7x7.62cm) to 6"x5" (15.24x12.7cm).


NOTE: These are natural items, and the picture above is for representative purposes only. Your pieces will differ from those shown. Price is PER SINGLE ROCK.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Because of the weight and box size restrictions, this rock will be very expensive to ship, and is NOT currently available for international shipping. We will continue to work to make shipping this rock internationally possible.


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