Tannin Blonde "Nano" Spider Wood- Hand-Selected Specimens

This is a terrific wood for aquascaping!

Just like the more "traditional", reddish Spider Wood, so-called "Blonde" Spider Wood is lightweight, durable, dense, and full of character. "Gnarly", in this case, is truly a "legit" description.  It's really perfect wood for creating a focal point in your 'scape in a small aquarium! These are small pieces, averaging around 8" to 10" (20.32 to 25.4cm) in length/width, with a variety of unique shapes. We'll pick you specimens that we know you'll love! Combine a few of 'em to create really cool hardscapes for larger aquariums! 

Spider Wood is really light weight stuff. In order to prepare it for use in your aquarium, you should keep the wood weighted down in a container of fresh water to waterlog it and leach out some of the initial tannins before adding to your aquarium. These pieces can sink in literally hours, but they do leach a lot of color into the water...which we adore, although some of you may not want This process of leaching out the bulk of the tannins may take up to a week or more, so be patient! Your specimen(s) should sink on its own in the aquarium after this "remote immersion treatment." 

Again, these are NOT "WYSIWYG" specimens; however, we promise to only send you pieces we'd want in OUR tanks!  In fact, it's kinda hard for us to sell them, because we geek out about the kinds of 'scapes you can create with this stuff! You might just say that there’s a bit of "geekiness" included with each piece!


NOTE: These are hand selected by us, and are not WYSIWYG specimens. You will receive specimens which are similar in appearance to those shown in the photos. The photos are representative of the specimens you may expect to receive.


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