Specialty Aquatic Feeds

One of the great joys of keeping tropical fishes is nurturing and caring for them. Feeding is an integral part of this process, and today, more than ever, we have an awesome variety of foods from which to choose. Foods for virtually any purpose- general maintenance, conditioning for spawning, coloration, and maintenance. 

When we started Tannin, we wanted to celebrate the art- the craft- of tropical fish keeping, and we knew that nowhere in the hobby is this is expressed better than in the arena of foods. And we're not afraid to tell you it took months and months to find brands that we felt hit on all of our touch points. Specifically, we wanted to offer specialized aquatic feeds with unique form factors, and what we call "small-batch" foods. Foods that are not cranked out in some souless factory overseas; rather, carefully formulated, hand-crafted foods, made by speciality manufacturers who are still small enough to know what it's all about.

We offer a few different form factors from which to choose; each one is a carefully-selected food with a great story behind it. Each one offers you the opportunity to experience what real love is in the aquatics industry. Each one is innovative, different. Some are hard-to-find local varieties that are filled with "charm." Others are selected from nationally-recognized brands. Each one is a food that you can feel good about offering to your fishes.


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