"Weathered Driftwood"-Hand-Selected Specimens

This beautiful wood type is really terrific for a wide variety of aquatic applications. It has a very interesting color and  sort of "weathered" texture that lends itself to a lot of cool aquascaping projects!

Each piece has a very branchy morphology, and a kind of gnarled structure. It's really durable, yet rather lightweight, and has such a distinct, grayish-tan "patina"  that it can easily stand alone in a scape, or "play well" with more delicate, "root-like" varieties.

Like most aquatic wood, it will tend to float for a while before it becomes waterlogged enough to sink. You can, of course, hasten the process a bit by weighing your specimen down with a rock or two. And of course, like most other wood types, it will recruit some fungal and biofilm growth initially after submersion. Some tannins are released during the "curing" process, which we, of course, love, but you "clear water" types may not appreciate, so curing in a separate container might be a good option for you!  

This shapes and sizes in our selection are quite variable, ranging in length from 12"-14" (30.48-35.56cm). Some are more "branchy" in structure, while a few are definitely more "chunky." Many have sections that are hollowed out, creating interesting "swim-throughs" or hiding places for fish. They look equally nice in a terrarium or vivarium setup! A definite "specimen" wood type for the serious 'scaper!

Again, these are NOT "WYSIWYG" specimens; however, we promise to only send you pieces we'd want in OUR tanks!


NOTE: These are hand selected by us, and are not WYSIWYG specimens. You will receive specimens which are similar in appearance to those shown in the photos. The photos are representative of the specimens you may expect to receive.


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