Borneo Root-Hand-Selected Specimens


A beautiful, durable, and intricate root that's sure to become a favorite! Derived from the Altingia excelsa tree, these are lightweight, but gnarled in texture, and are beautiful for aquatic hobby purposes! We were fortunate to secure a supply of these uncommon and very interesting roots from a trusted supplier in Borneo, and we're excited to offer them to you for the first time.

Although it's a perfect compliment for "Spider Wood" or  Melastoma roots in an intricate natural 'scape, this stuff is best suited for vivarium and terrarium displays because of its extremely buoyant characteristics. 

Our specimens are highly variable, but range in size from about 12"-18"(30.48cm-45.72cm) in length, with gnarled shape, ranging from 6"-10" (15.24cm-25.4cm) in width. With their variable brown/dark brown color, they are perfect for the earthy aesthetic of a botanical-style display!

So- you absolutely want to use it in an aquarium? Please note this:

"Borneo Root" is really lightweight stuff, in fact- it's incredibly buoyant, and requires a long time to become saturated and sink. In order to prepare it for use in your aquarium, you should keep the wood weighted down in a container of fresh water to waterlog it. This process may take anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks or more- no real "guarantees" here! 

You can use it in an aquarium- if you're really, really patient. Once it becomes submerged, it is long lasting underwater, and will acquire some biofilm growth early on during its submerged existence.

Again, these are NOT "WYSIWYG" specimens; however, we promise to only send you pieces we'd want in OUR tanks!


NOTE: These are hand selected by us, and are not WYSIWYG specimens. You will receive specimens which are similar in appearance to those shown in the photos. The photos are representative of the specimens you may expect to receive.


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