Your chance to design Tannin's next botanical variety pack is here!

Ahh, a CONTEST! 

Something I admit we sort of...well, suck at administering. I'm not sure why...I think it's because I love to run headlong into stuff without thinking through each and every angle...the true "move fast and break things" mindset, I suppose.

But they're so FUN!

This time, we decided it would be awesome for our community to take part in designing a new botanical variety pack, and based on the "feelers" we put out, we think it will be a lot of fun for everyone!

It's not as easy as you might think, but the possibilities are endless! 

Now, whenever you have contests, there are always lots of questions, concerns, and ideas floated around on how to improve them...And like everything we do, we love to "evolve" our contests, too- and see how they go. If you have some ideas to make this one better, let us know!

So, here are the official rules of entry:

It's YOUR TURN to design Tannin's next botanical variety pack!!! Use your knowledge of our aquatic botanicals and your experience at creating awesome aquariums, and conceive your dream pack, to be offered in our collection this Spring!!!

THE PRIZES: The pack you design, as well as a $75 Tannin gift card (good towards anything on our site!) and a coveted Tannin unisex washed canvas cap!

Here are the official guidelines for your entries:

*Contest entry period runs March 1st through March 8th. A winner will be announced on Monday, March 12th!

*Pack must cost no more than approximately $20.00-$25.00 USD (we will refine the pricing once a winner is determined, but we'd like you to "target" this price range)

*You need to specify how many of each botanical you want in the pack. You can select from among any of the botanicals in our collection.

*There should be a "theme" to the pack (i.e.; a habitat, concept, aquascaping goal, etc.), as well as a cool name for your creation! (we like to use Portuguese names, but you're not limited to that, of course).

*You can enter as many times as you’d like, provided your entries follow the guidelines above.

*Entries will be made on the pinned thread on our Facebook page, so to avoid confusion, make sure that when you post your submission, it’s complete, okay? If it gets really confusing, we’ll figure out a way to handle entries…you know how we love to evolve stuff, huh?

*If you just happen to have pics of a tank with your “pack” in use, or other materials that you feel would be cool, please include them!

The winner will receive not only the cool prizes above, but a chance to be part of Tannin's “tinted history” as the designer of an awesome variety pack! And of course, if we happen to fall in love with more than one entry, we may just award more prizes!

That's the joy of a Tannin Aquatics contest, right?


AND NOW: The boring, scary-sounding legal stuff...

Yeah, there are always some legal things we need to clarify when you have contests like this, involving design of a potential product, so we're going to lay it out to you right here!

All entries and the winner become the exclusive property of Tannin Aquatics, and we reserve the right to modify your entry to fit the needs of our market.

Entrants waive any right to royalties or other payment for the use of their entries, and  also waive the right to inspect or approve Tannin Aquatics' use of their entries and other materials that Tannin Aquatics may use with them.

In consideration for the opportunity to submit your botanical pack idea, as an applicant in the contest being sponsored by Tannin Aquatics and for other good and valuable consideration, you irrevocably give Tannin Aquatics and its agents and contractors the right and permission to use, copy, alter, distribute, publish, broadcast, and display the ideas that you have submitted.

When you enter, you release and waive and agree to hold Tannin Aquatics harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities resulting from their use of the pack you design, and agree not to bring any such claims against the released parties at any time in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, claims for violation of publicity rights and privacy rights, claims based on moral rights, claims for intrusion, claims for defamation, claims for fraud, claims for infliction of emotional distress, and claims for copyright or other intellectual property infringement, whether those claims may be based on statutes or the common law.

Yeah, okay, that was no fun, but business is business...and it makes our attorney and insurance carrier happy.

Sooo...with that all out of the way, what will you come up with? We have what we think might be the largest selection of botanicals for aquarium use around, so you have all sorts of options!

Stay creative. Stay innovative. Stay original. Stay exciting...

And Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics 


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman

March 02, 2018

Hi Garrett!

You can always enter via email-




March 01, 2018

Is there a way to enter submissions for the contest other than Facebook? I have a great idea, but try to stay away from that website.

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