There's always "that list", isn't there?

Evertone has a list of "stuff" they're going to day. You know, THAT sort of stuff!

A few from my list of "stuff":

Think of an insanely different idea for an aquarium.

Execute on it.

Go against the grain.

Set up a tank with plastic plants, just... well, because.

Challenge the status quo.

Ask everyone why they are doing it that way.

Share your knowledge...As often as you can.

Throw a few pics of your tank out there...No matter what stage it's at!

Write a manufacturer or vendor and tell them you like their product/service.

Add a few of those "grey" Tetras to your next tank.

Fly off to a regional aquarium club gathering- totally across the country.

Perform an extra water exchange this week.

Clean your aquarium heater during the next maintenance session.

Give the sand an extra rinse before you use it in your aquarium.

Raise "feeder guppies" as pets in a tank of their own- just to enjoy them.

Use an ancient piece of aquarium equipment from your "garage collection" in your next tank. 

Keep the water brown from the wood in your next "Nature Aquarium"- you might just like it.

Devote an entire tank to the fishes of your childhood: Zebra Danios, Glowlight Tetras, Tiger Barbs, Glass Catfish, etc. (Extra points for the "Diving Dog" ornament!)

Buy some extra towels just for your aquariums next time you're at the store.

Change the settings on your LED fixture today- just because.

Purchase an extra pump, heater, or other potentially failure-prone piece of equipment instead of that rare Pleco this month. You might just thank yourself. Besides, there'll be other Plecos...

Laugh at the absurdity of the coral frag names you see on Facebook.

Find a use for that big, awkward stone you have - you know, the one you acquired with great expectations for the last tank, and never used? Yeah, that one.

Figure out a better way to hide the returns from your Ehiem filter.

Perform the full suite of water tests on your tank, once and for all.

Try raising the fry from that pair of Apistos that spawns every other week in your community tank.

Learn what the scientific names of your fishes mean.

Label all of the equipment below your aquarium, in case something fails while your out-of-town and the person taking care of the tank needs to know what's what.

Look at some pictures of wild aquatic habitats for inspiration for your next aquascape, instead of the winning IAPLC entry.

Buy your tolerant spouse/partner/sibling/roommate/tenant a little gift for living with your geeky obsession.

Approach a world-famous aquarium hobbyist with a question. You'll be pleasantly surprised with an answer!

Forgo the "ensuite" bathroom and add the fish room of your dreams instead! You know- the one with floor drains...Yeah, really!

Support your local fish store!

Make a cool "jungle" tank with all of those plant clippings that you can't give away to other hobbyists. Make it a BIG tank, too!

Try creating an aquarium that pushes your skills to the limit. Dance with fear!

Donate to Freshwater Life Project, Project PIABA or some other fish-related conservation group.. Because it matters.

Forget "Iwagumi" today- just throw some rocks together in a way that pleases YOU.

Do a presentation at your local fish club.

Purchase a small refrigerator just for your live food cultures and frozen foods. Your housemates will love you for it!

Take the time to explain to the guy on Facebook who challenges you why you did "it" that way.

Take care of the hobbyist who's struggling. Go to her house and scrape the algae with her.

Compliment someone when they share pics of their beautiful aquarium on the club forum, social media, etc.

Offer honest criticism when asked. If you don't like it, say so, and explain why.

Try something instead of #3 gravel in all of your fishroom tanks!

Change the membranes on your R.O. unit this weekend.

Make sure every one of the 36 Cardinal Tetras you purchase for the big living room display aquarium have all of their fins this time!

Buy the more expensive activated carbon.

Give away the grand prize you win at the next fish club raffle to the guy who just lost his job.

Make your next aquarium more simple.

Get the 40-cube pack of frozen bloodworms this time.

Make sure to invest in a nice power strip for your next aquarium.

Spend an extra 10 minutes each day just looking at your aquariums.

Purchase 5 Gouramis instead of 7, and let them grow bigger!

Order a few more things from us to get free shipping! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Leave the tank lights on a bit longer tonight.

Just move that piece of driftwood a couple inches (centimeters) to the left...

Take a "sick day" from work to play with your fish! You only live once.

Culture microworms and wingless fruit flies.

Let that Rotala, Polygonum, Swordor other plant break the water's surface.

Share a disaster story with fellow fish geeks. Because it might just spare someone the same agony.

Be generous for no reason- give away 250 killifish eggs to fellow fish geeks this month.

Help the local hobbyist who asks for it on the local club forum. You might just make a new friend.

Stay engaged.

Stay excited.

Stay geeky.

And Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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