Pushing the envelope...Resonating within...inspiring others...

When you stare at an empty tank, have you ever noticed that your mind goes wild with ideas? So much potential..so much opportunity...not only to build something enjoyable, but to build something that satisfies your desire to do something different.

I mean, is this the time you're going to do the crazy-looking Lake Victoria "mud" biotope tank , or maybe the Asian Peat Bog...or finally, the Brazilian Igarape? 

Why not? What aren't you going for it with this tank? Budget? Time? Space? If it's budgetary, that's a tough one, with the only real solutions being to either improvise or simply wait. If it's space, well, you can always go smaller, right? If it's fear of doing it "wrong"...borrow a motivational phrase from a famous shoe manufacturer and "just do it."

Today, like any day, is your best chance of doing something amazing. Something that will help you enjoy your hobby more, learn about a new group of fishes, push the state of the art of aquaristics...inspire others.

Today is as good as any day. You just need to give yourself "permission" to do it. You need not worry about upsetting some pretentious contest judge, nitpicking the placement of every plant, twig, and pebble in your tank. You need not worry about the criticism of other hobbyists, because your idea is as valid as anyone's.

Want to inspire others? Well, tell a better story. A different one...a humble, but appealing one. Appealing to who?

Appealing enough for you to share your work with the world for the sheer joy of delighting others with your creation. yet, most important of all, satisfying that inner hunger to create something that resonates within you. And maybe, just maybe, it will resonate in others, inspiring them to push the envelope out further and further. 

That's how you inspire others while simultaneously pushing the outside of the envelope.

And inspiration is the way we grow as a hobby.

Today's little motivational talk...

Stay inspirational. Stay motivated. Stay true to yourself.

And stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics





Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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