If things were perfect...

If things were perfect...

Your LFS would be open 24/7/365!

Plants would never have snails, Hydra, and other pests.

Die, scum! You've been banned.

My plumbing connections would never leak; in fact, never even "sweat!"

Pods would sink to the bottomon the first try.

The expression “Limited Edition” would be banned from the coral industry.

Activated carbon wouldn’t need rinsing before use!

Acrylic would never scratch!

All Knifefish would max out at 4". (Can you imagine a "DWARF BLACK GHOST KINFEFISH!")

Flexible tubing would be easier to straighten out!

Discus wouldn’t be so darned fussy.

All salt mixes would mix up instantly to 1.025. Or 1.003!

Hatchetfishes would be incapable of jumping!

I wouldn’t keep gluing my fingers together when I play with coral frags!

“Wireless” pumps would actually have NO WIRES!

Shipping services would never mess up a delivery.

Aquatic putty would actually stick to stuff.

Frozen foods wouldn’t get freezer burn.

"Silent" overflow weirs would be completely silent.

Aquarium heaters would never fail.

A "reef safe" marine angelfish would be 100% "reef safe."

Live Black Worms would need no rinsing or refrigeration!

LED controllers would make it impossible to set your color to “Windex Blue.” (sorry reef world)

“Tank Of The Month” contests would be banned forever.

Driftwood would need no rinsing or soaking before use…ever.

Wild Apistos would eat frozen foods right out of the bag.

All coral vendors would use the same color settings and standards for their photography.

Pipefish would be super easy to keep and breed, and eat flake food!

"Eats TetraMin right from your fingers! Drops babies every 2 weeks....!"

I’d have an endless supply of complimentary Turkish towels! (800 thread count or better, of course)

Some Tetra would come in a deep, metallic purple color!

Frag saw blades would never get dull.

You'd never have to clean algae from glassware in your planted tank!

Fish would swim INTO the net on the first try, and be totally calm...

Those are like my first couple of dozen or so…let’s hear yours…

Stay hopeful. Stay relaxed. Stay calm. Stay creative.

And of course, if things were perfect...everyone would...

Stay Wet.

Scott Fellman
Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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