From scratch...Musings on the absurdity of classifying things...

Have you ever reflected upon a garden, and felt that twinge of satisfaction, when you realize that the vegetables you've grown were from seed, completely grown-out in your garden? You know, none of those "starter" plants for you; just grown-from-seed, nurtured-with-love plants?

It's the same with an aquarium, really. 

We start with an empty box, filled only with imagination and a good idea. Then, we make it a reality, adding the life forms which complete it.

And I often ponder about a completely "from scratch" aquarium.


Like, one with just plants grown from cuttings or bulbs, fishes that I've bred, etc.

And then, I come to the realization that most of what we do in the aquarium hobby IS "from scratch"- captive bred animals, propagated plants, and collected wood, rocks, etc.

The whole term is an absurdity.

In fact, every aquarium is "from scratch", as we're the ones who select the "ingredients", assemble them, and put them together to form a whole.

So, the reality is that every aquarium is "small batch", handmade, "artisanal", etc. 

And that's pretty cool, IMHO.

Stay focused on the craft, not the definition.

Have an enjoyable Saturday.

And Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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