Expect a little slower service this week... But you'll love what's around the corner!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the amazing support!

We’re happy to see everyone pushing the limits with your aquariums during these crazy times! The volume of orders has been extraordinary! We love it!

With a very limited crew, we've seen an amazing amount of orders come in and have managed to keep in our typical 4-5 day turnaround time for most.

However, with the global supply chain a bit "challenged" at the moment because of the COVID19 situation, we are experiencing some challenges receiving re-supplies of inventory from our international partners. Some countries are locked down from shipping, and some of the shipments are taking longer than usual to reach us.

Sign of the times...

And of course, in the middle of this global mess, we've embarked on some upgrades which will further impact shipping over the next week or so.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that we will be taking a bit longer to ship out your orders over the next several days, as we make some logistical and inventory improvements. Expect most orders to take up to a week to ship. We will resume our regular shipping schedule the week of Monday, May 18th.

Now, it's not all "supply chain management" and back-end "logistics improvements" Nope. We're going to be having some fun stuff coming in the next few weeks.

The return of some faves, like Melastoma Root...

And more focused wood and root materials that are right for our customer base!

Oh, and it's Loquat leaf season! We'll have them available next week after a long absence!

Oh, and Magnolia leaves will be back in regular rotation after the 18th, too!

We have an exciting new product launch in the next 2 weeks! In fact, we will have a few new products coming up  almost continuously over the next several weeks and months. We'll start with the long-awaited launch of "Shade", our new blackwater conditioning sachets (Don't f---ing call them "tea bags", you simpletons...🤬)

It took a lot of formulations and soem pretty boring (IMHO) testing to really get this product right. Packaged things are not our speciality, as you know, so we took the time to make sure we had a good product before ultimately releasing it. 

We will have a complete line of very specially formulated "botanical infusions" available in the "Shade" line in the next few months, designed to created different effects for aquarists who love the color, but don't want the actual botanicals in their tanks. We have received a lot of requests and feedback for something like this over the years, and it made sense to jump on it.

Yeah, doing a package design and such is new territory for us, but with the amazing work of Johnny Ciotti, we're pretty stoked with how it came out!

We'll have a lot more on this product line in the next few weeks. 

Oh, and the "Nature Base" Igapo, Varzea, and Brackish substrates will be rolling out very soon. It's taken over a year to really get these products to the point where they're ready to offer to you, and we're pretty excited. This stuff always takes a lot more time than we think it will to get out, but we think you'll appreciate the line when it debuts later this summer/early Fall.

Time to get your "Urban Igapo" on!

Look for more weird substrate materials and options that anyone else would even think of offering, because they're so...weird! Besides, who would you rather purchase weird stuff rom besides Tannin Aquatics, right?

All vetted, tested, and obsessed over by the leaders in unusual natural aquarium products! 

And we will have two more super-secret "biological" products which are extremely unique and like nothing you've seen before, coming from the Tannin "Tint Works" test program, all rolling out sequentially in this same time frame! More to come on those! 🤓

And  of course, more podcasts, more special guests, more video, more photos...some new creative things we think you'll like! 

Oh, and more collectible pins! The first tun has been a big success, and we look forward to a new selection coming soon!

We will have more unusual options for roots, twigs, vines, and "just cool weird shit", as one of our staff calls them.

All coming soon!

And I think I want to kill rocks.


Yeah, seriously. I kind of hate selling rocks. There heavy, a pain in the ass to ship, and a bit too unpredictable and expensive, really. And quite frankly, although our price is competitive, you CAN get most of the rocks we sell from other suppliers ...where is the fun in that?

I think that we're going to offer just a few rocks we really like, and leave the fancy stuff to people who are more into it than us!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, BTW!

Oh, so back to the mundane stuff...

The shipping delay is unfortunate, but it will enable us to get things set up for an even smoother and hopefully better customer experience for the longer term. I totally hate these kinds of delays, but the changes need to be made in order to take things to the next level! We completely appreciate your understanding.

All the new product stuff is fun, but it won't speed up your orders this week....Sorry😂

In summary, the not-so-sugar-coated thing is that we will definitely be a bit slower on ship outs with your orders this week only. I apologize for the delays, and I promise that we will be back upon to our usual turnaround times after May 18th!

Let us know if you have any questions about your orders, want to make changes...or just want to tell us to shove it and cancel. We get it. Delays suck. We'd like to think that we've earned your trust over the years, but in these crazy times, I understand that no one wants a longer-than-typical shipping delay. We'd rather have your confidence and future support than your money, so if the extra week is not going to work, please don't feel shy about asking for your money back.

We get it. We get you!

Again, thanks in advance for your understanding, and we apologize for the longer-than-usual shipping times.

Thanks again for your support and patience!

Stay excited. Stay geeky. Stay bold. Stay creative. Stay patient!

And Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics 

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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