Scheming and executing...

It's pretty amazing to create aquariums or execute on aquarium concepts that have seldom, if ever been done before, isn't it?

Doing stuff a bit differently is in my DNA, I think...and definitely in Tannin's.

Someone asked me earlier in the week about how Tannin Aquatics came to be...I guess you'd say that the background ideas presented here are an integral part of our "creation story"...deeply rooted in the very essence of being a hardcore, practicing aquarium hobbyist, absolutely tied to the creative process. 

FACT:  Yup. You may not know this: I'm the ultimate aquarium designer/builder. 

Really.  :)

No, I'm being serious!

I know- it sounds a bit arrogant, but it's true.

I've tried crazy ideas no one has ever really executed.

Built tanks from concepts that most people haven't even played with: I've simulated underground cave systems for Astyanax mexicanus, vivarium-style tanks with tiny puddles of water and hollowed-out moist logs for keeping jumping Rivulus, deep Mangrove mud flats, temperate tide pools, Micronesian "rock islands', flooded South American grasslands, bubbling hot springs for the Devil's Hole Pupfish, etc.

Yeah, crazy-cool concept stuff. Next-level shit...

Built 'em all.

Okay, well, sort of.

Well, not really...I mean, I built 'em...

I've solved every plumbing issue, schemed out filtration systems, sourced components, made modifications to tanks...all of that stuff.

Well, sort of.

I mean, I "built" them in my head!

I guess it was Walt Disney's guys back in the 1950's that developed the idea of "imaginareeing"- coming up with crazy theoretical ideas and seeing if they could turn them into reality. It certainly brought some cool concepts into the the world..or at least, into Disneyland!

And free thinking outside of conventional boundaries is pretty cool, IMHO. I look at what some of you have accomplished-and executed- when freeing yourself from conventionality, and can't help but smile.

Yeah, I know that, by simply allowing myself to engage in some free-thinking, I've "designed" and "built" some insane stuff! 

And believe it or not, I did actually execute some of it over the years; sort of went through the design process and even some of the "proof-of-concept" in my mind, without spilling a drop of water, before heading down to the hardware store to buy all sorts of stuff. There is actually a certain "luxury" you can enjoy by doing this.

It may not be initially as satisfying as just going for it, but for those of us who might be somewhat "DIY-challenegd", actually "building the tank" in our minds helps us see the unforeseen challenges that we might encounter once we forge ahead.

Plus, it can help you fall asleep when you have a bout of insomnia, trust me!

I've had dozens of occasions when I thought of a complex, yet elegant way to execute something, only to find that there was a much easier way that was sort of "right in my face"- the downside to getting "hyper-innovative", I suppose!

I literally would have "reinvented the wheel" (and not always in a good way, either!) instead of embracing the better, existing solution!

I suspect every hobbyist does this to some extent, right?

I know the truly great aquascapers do it a lot: select and build aquariums in their mind, consciously or subconsciously, before they begin the actual work.

I mean, you kind of have to, right?

Are there any "seat of the pants" tank builders out there? I mean, those of you who just get a tank at the LFS or where ever, look around for stuff to put in it, and start building?

If you do, that's a whole different set of talents, and demonstrates a resolve that's pretty crazy! Not to mention, you've got a sense of spontaneity that's quite inspiring!

However, you are definitely square in the minority! 

One of the things I like best about what we did at Tannin is that we evolved out of me having to solve a sort of "pain point" in my design process: For a long time, it was hard to source, aggregate, and work with a lot of natural materials for many of the "alternative" aquarium projects I wanted to do. I literally spent months trying to source these things.

The company arose very organically out of my own desire to solve a problem that used to drive me crazy. I figured, if this stuff bothered me- it might just bother some other hobbyists who like to try out new ideas...and might also inspire a few others to play with this stuff a bit.

And I think we were right!

It's fun to take the roads less travelled- even more fun when you have the right stuff in your suitcase!

That's really what we're about: Helping you "pack correctly" for the journey!

And that's really fun to me, because it frees you up to do what you do best- execute on your cool ideas, and share them with our growing global "tint nation!" We started with blackwater, and as you can see, we're working with customers who play with vivariums, cichlid aquariums, fry rearing systems, and brackish...

"Estuary" arose out of a desire to solve some pain points for us, and gives us a chance to not only give some love to a sort of "neglected" segment of the aquarium hobby- the brackish water aquarium- it gives us the opportunity to properly equip brackish water enthusiasts with a different set of "tools" than they might have had previously- in one place...and therefore, the ability to apply some slightly different thinking and execution to the formerly "white and grey" popular concept of a brackish water aquarium habitat! 

And we'll keep bringing you new stuff each year..

I suppose the best thing about  "building" these "thought aquariums" is that you can sort of imagine the process, and visualize not only the finished product, but the potential issues you'll have along the way- without leaks, rock cave-ins, and dead fishes. You can think through the exotic...and even the mundane- all without needing a single least until it comes time to execute, that is!

Sure, eventually it does become time to pull the trigger, and when it does, you've at least had the chance to visualize some of the more obvious- and maybe a few less obvious- potential pitfalls of your design- perhaps encouraging "edits" before you even start the process! 

My biggest problem always has been the lack of time, aquarium space, and resources to pull off every crazy idea floating around in my mind. I suppose it definitely impacts many of you, too! That's why I've had these "build offs" in my head between competing concepts, in which the "winner" ends up being the one I built. Not the most satisfying thing- 'cause I want to build 'em all...but practicality reigns, right?

What ideas are floating around in that "dream fish room" in your head? And which ones will you bring to life soon?

Keep dreaming. Keep scheming. Keep "executing" on some of those crazy ideas...even if they're only "built" in the dark recesses of your imagination between 11:00PM and 6:00AM...At some point, you'll have the means and to make them reality. 

And we'll be here to help you pack your suitcase accordingly.

Pleasant journey.

Stay creative. Stay innovative. Stay passionate...

And Stay Wet.


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics 






Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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