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We talk a lot about problems, how-to's, concepts, and stuff about the hobby in this column, which is a lot of fun. Ever thought about something as simple and concise as a list of stuff we like in the hobby context?

Yeah, sort of "Facebook-ized", distilled to a simple, "I like this!" It's a great exercise for us as hobbyists when we seem to think that stuff is just sort of "happening" and we're perhaps not feeling the excitement we like, or just feel like things are't really all that interesting at the moment (is there ever a time like, for some...perhaps...). We get a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the hobby.

Here's a start...perhaps it will trigger some "likes" of your own:

Things I like...

*I like when I was a kid that the LFS owner would give me 8 Neon Tetras when I bought 6 of em...

* I like when you nail the temperature setting on your heater on the first try!

*I like when the package of fish stuff you ordered online comes a day earlier than expected.

*I like when the new fish that you didn't think would make it through the night is out and swimming about, eating everything in sight!

*I like when you buy aquarium plants and a little, teeny, tiny hitchhiker attached to you Rotala turns out to be an unusual Cryptocoryne!

*I like when I manage to shake off all the water from my fish net after using it without getting a drop on the floor!

* I like when I really do get an 80% plus hatch out of my "premium" brine shrimp eggs!

*I like when my friend's tank is kicking ass!

* I like when I play a hunch, make some system "tweak", and the next day, my cichlids spawn!

*I like waking up early in the morning and seeing all of my fishes still sleeping.

* I like seeing pictures of my customers' aquariums!

*I like when some tank-related task I've been dreading turns out to be super easy!

*I like seeing my fry sex out at a young age.

*I like seeing the sand rinse clear after just a few "swirls" in the bucket...

*I like when I can quickly and easily locate and stop "that" source of noise my tank has been making all day!

*I like when I find a bunch of fry swimming around in a tank where I kept that fish that has proven "impossible" for me to breed for months!

*I like when I cut the perfect length of hose for my canister filter return!

*I like when the fish I've been looking for all year shows up at my favorite source!

*I like having a dry towel handy when that "unexpected" spill occurs.

*I like a big school of Cardinal Tetras...or ANY Tetra, for that matter!

*I like catching a glimpse of my shyest fish as I pass by my tank.

*I like being able to catch that ONE evasive fish on the first try!

*I like that "glow" a tank has after you complete a water exchange.

*I like trading fish, plants, and coral frags with friends.

*I like taking a time out from whatever I'm doing and stealing a few minutes gawking at my tank!

*I like the smell of a clean aquarium.

*I like "trolling" an auction table at a fish event to see all the bags of cool fish waiting to be snapped up.

*I like getting that Anubias secured to the driftwood without typing my fingers together!

*I like when the activated carbon rinses clean and it's ready to add to the media bag.

*I like chatting my friends up about arcane fish-keeping topics...for hours!

*I like seeing a few rays of morning sunlight poking into my tank before the lights come on.

*I like finding the exact plumbing part I'm looking for at the hardware store without having to ask the salesperson for help.

*I like feeding my fishes frozen brine shrimp with a toothpick to make sure they snap up every piece.

*I like the gentle hum of a quiet water pump in action.

*I like finding the perfect piece of driftwood for that 'scape I've been thinking about.

*I like researching that weird Corydoras I've been thinking about getting.

*I like seeing an awesome example of a "common" fish and being amazed by how nice it is!

I could go on and on and on...I think you get the idea..It's a fun exercise; one which I encourage you to do once in a while, especially when you feel like you're in a "rut", or just not feeling it...

What are some things YOU like in the hobby?

Stay engaged. Stay encouraged. Stay grateful.

Stay Wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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