Doing the unspeakable...for guys, really...

Wherein Scott conducts a hideous experiment to prove to everyone that you can have a fully stocked "New Botanical"-style tank without "the tint..."

Ok, I know, we've had the discussion about "tint" versus "clarity" and all...However, let's face it, one of the top questions I field here is, "Can I have lots of botanicals in my tank without brown water?"

And of course, the answer is YES!! 

I hate giving "formulae" for doing stuff, but I will present a "recipe" that I used to (boo hoo) get rid of the "tint" in the water in my 50 gallon tank temporarily, just to put my money where my mouth is and show you what's possible. 

First off, let me tell you, it was quite painful to conduct this experiment, as you know I'm a lover of the brown water! Nonetheless, because I love you guys, I forged ahead to see what would do the trick.

Let's cut to the chase: Without delving into every possible permutation of filter media experiments, etc. that I conducted, ere is what I arrived at:

1- Poly FIlter:

Approx. 12 oz of Sachem Matrix Carbon:

1- sachet of Sachem Purigen:

I placed these media in a  media cart located in a high flow area of the filter compartment on my Innovative Marine "Fusion Lagoon 50" AIO tank. The same carts that I use for glorious, beautiful "media" like Catappa leaves, bark, and "Fundo Tropical" were utilized in this hideous experiment...Yes, something capable of creating such beauty used for such unspeakable horror.

See the results yourself after just 24 hours:



 So there you have "can go home again" and have that "clear" water that some many hobbyists love, while still going all-out with aquatic botanicals. It's about husbandry, finesse...and good chemical filtration media!

Another tip- I tend to add Catappa leaves to my source water holding containers, which keeps things nicely "tinted" even before I add the water to the display. Just adding unadulterated RO water without Catappa will keep this "nice" and clear colored. (Yikes, I'm really biased).

I took the "time out from the tint" to experiment with Guava leaves, which impart far less tint on the tank, even without the chemical filtration media...As discussed in a previous blog, they are a possibility for those of you who want a slight tint but not the deep golden-brown more characteristic of Catappa...

Anyways, I'm a bit traumatized at the whole clear water thing...I'm back to tinting it up as soon as possible. Although I must admit, having "bright clear water" wit the earthy botanicals is pretty cool...

That being said, I'm thinking of setting up another tank to enjoy THAT aesthetic...This one is BROWN, baby!

Have fun. Stay true to your methods.

Stay Wet!

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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