The evolution will not be televised...but it will be visible.

Ok, I'm a bit weird, I admit it. I'm a full-on fish geek.

However,  in deciding to pursue my passion of using aquatic botanicals and aggregating them for hobbyists to use in creating natural aquarium systems her at Tannin, something strange has happened:

I've met dozens and dozens of like-minded hobbyists, eager for a different sort of aquarium, excited to try things that they may have thought about before, yet didn't have the materials to use.

I've met some absolutely fanatical hobbyists who are as excited as I am about biotope aquariums and replicating some of the environments where their favorite fishes come from.

People are telling me that they are ready to try an aquarium that has a more "natural" look...they're not afraid to see some decomposing leaf litter, fields of botanical materials, some biofilms, even some algae in their tanks.


Because they realize and appreciate that this is how nature works. They've made that "mental leap" to eschew the sterile, deconstructed versions of the underwater landscapes that we've been accustomed to, in favor of more dynamic, realistic, and interesting displays. They understand the potential benefits, including more natural behaviors, and  reproduction behaviors that may be brought about by creating a more natural environment for their fishes in both form and function.

The "New Botanical" approach, as some are starting to call it, is gathering some momentum.

Many of you are, perhaps unbeknownst to yourselves, forcing the hobby to...evolve.

You're part of a cutting edge (gulp) "movement" of hobbyists, including some VERY well-known names, who are embracing some different approaches. No one is saying this is THE way or the BEST way to design systems...however, many are finding that this approach, this aesthetic, this mindset- are providing them far better opportunities to accomplish some of their aquatic goals than previous methodologies they've played with. They "get it."

We're proud and humbled to help our fellow hobbyists persue their hobby dreams. We are looking forward to seeing what you do with our botanicals, as well as materials, equipment, and inspiration from us and other sources. It's exciting to be on the forefront of a different way.

The evolution has started. The future is exciting. It's bright (albeit a bit "tinted"), and full of promise.

Glad you're part of it.

Share. Iterate. Evolve.

Stay excited. Stay inspired.

And stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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