The official aquarium "Don't and Never" list- V1.0

-Never top off your aquarium at "Omigod o'clock" in the AM in the dark. Trust me on this.

-Don't think that this is the one time you'll be able to skip rinsing that bag of gravel because it "looks pretty clean." 

-Don't start re-arranging "just a few" rocks in your tank before you head out the door for work, or you'll be calling in sick within the hour. You will.

-Never setup a new reactor, lighting system, or anything involving multiple plumbing connections prior to departing on a trip of pretty much any duration. Just don't do this.

Don't assume that "it's all good" because you have an electronic controller monitoring everything. Nope.

-Don't put that cube of brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms on the shelf in your closet to thaw a bit while you're putting on your tie before rushing off to work. You'll no all about why at 5:30PM that night. Enough said.

-Never tell yourself you're just going to pick up just ONE pair of new fish at the club auction. Won't happen. Forget that notion altogether.

-Don't reach into the tank to make that "quick adjustment" on something without having a dry towel handy. Do this once with the skeptical spouse/roommate/significant other around and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

-Don't think that this will be "the last  fish" you add into your tank...

-Never log onto a fish auction website just before a major bill is due. Yup.

-Don't believe that you'll be the one guy who can keep multiple Centropyge angelfish in a 55 gallon tank without bloodshed. You aren't.

-Never assume that the siphon hose is in the bucket before you start it. Please believe me on this.

-Don't assume that you have "one more outlet" left on that power strip. You don't.

-Never try to "shake a small amount" of fish food right out of the can into your tank. Nope.

-Don't believe the words "easy to set up" in reference to an aquarium component. Especially when the component is of international origin.

-Don't forget to stop at the AM before your next fish club meeting. Seriously.

-Don't fool yourself into believing that you can net that fish that's been terrorizing your tank without pulling out all of the rocks and driftwood.

-Never believe that your new fish won't need to be quarantined "because the LFS does it..."

-Don't think that you'll be able to house and raise all the fry from that pair of cichlids.

-Don't believe that you'll just be satisfied with one aquarium! You suffer from "Multiple Tank Syndrome" and may not even know it. Yet.

And never forget to...

Stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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