Whatever angle you can use...a fish story in the truest sense.

As you know, tropical fish enthusiasts are a pretty crazy bunch. Sometimes, we have spouses/significant others/family members who don't share our obsession, which makes understanding our obsession a bit tougher, and we have to become more creative to keep the rest of the household on board as we add to our collection. Sometimes, we have to use whatever means have to justify getting more stuff. Here is a true story from one of our customers that I think effectively demonstrates this!

Our customer, a stay-at-home dad, had a young baby who was extremely fussy, to the point where he wouldn't settle down for an afternoon nap, resulting in a frazzled dad, a really fussy baby, and an exhausted mom (a busy attorney) coming home to a screaming kid and a stressed out dad every day, with dinner not quite ready.

This was causing serious stress in their relationship...They struggled for a solution-any solution- that would restore order and peace in the household. Dad, a lifelong aquarium hobbyist, knew instinctively what to do: He plopped the crying kid in front of the small fledgling, and forgotten aquarium that he kept in the living room. You know- the one that was sort of forgotten as more important family needs arose. Of course, the baby was enthralled, and would settle down almost immediately. Yeah, you know where this is heading. Our customer was a hardcore fish geek- and he saw his "in" to revive the aquarium!

Of course, being a hardcore hobbyist, he didn't just leave it at that. His aquarium was sort of basic, as it took a back seat to other, more important things in the household. So, he did what any self-respecting hobbyist would do: He successfully argued with his wife that, if the aquarium was MORE visually stimulating, more captivating, and more full of life, it would be a better "relaxation tool" for the baby, and would improve everyone's quality of life. His wife, ever the logical type, agreed with his theory.

After a series of system ugrades (LED lighting , electronic pumps, and a controller ("...because having a controller means that I will spend less time with the aquarium and more time doing important stuff" was the argument for that), it was time to do a new 'scape, with a more natural, unique aesthetic.

That's where we came in.

Dad had pretty good taste! And his once-forgotten aquarium has become an impressive display...And of course, a source of relaxation for the whole family! I leave it to you, the reader, to contemplate the creativity and ethical aspects of his arguement!  

So, I could say that we don't just sell aquascaping materials- we help keep families together...right?  


I love the creativity of a fish geek!

What's the best excuse you've ever used to justify more stuff for your hobby? C'mon, I know you've come up with a few...Let's hear 'em!

Stay sharp. Stay focused.

Stay Wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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