Okay, as lifelong hardcore fish geeks, we are probably more attuned to "stuff" than most fish people ever will be. It's in our nature to be curious, think about how to make changes in our systems based on observations, blah, blah, blah.

However, the one thing that you can almost "take to the bank" in fish keeping is that stuff never quite goes the way we plan...or if it does, there are usually some detour that you didn't expect, right? 

Well, the hardcore fish geek expects such detours...doesn't necessarily welcome them- just expects them! And of course, there are many. You want some examples? Well, here are a dozen questions I'd like answers for:

Why is it that...

*The fish you've been trying to breed for two years won't even pair up- but the one you were given by a buddy as an unwanted "gift" and have been trying desperately to rid your fish room of reproduces like...rabbits?

*The fish you saw in the clearance tank at the LFS and purchased  on impulse- ONE specimen- because you knew you'd grab more "next time", is never seen at the LFS again?

*The only time you experience a major spill is: a)when you're already in the doghouse with your spouse/significant other/relative, and he/she is standing right there, b)when there are no clean towels handy, c)when you're running late for an important event and just HAD to sneak in the "quick water change" before heading out, or d)when you've just installed a new hardwood floor?

*You experience the a sudden, inexplicable, and unprecedented failure of a previously perfectly reliable aquarium component (pump, heater, canister filter, lighting system- or worse yet- the controller that oversees the function of these devices) the night before you're about to embark on your 10 day overseas vacation?

*Your favorite cichlids spawn right when you run out of brine shrimp eggs? And it's (choose one): Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or another major holiday on which the fish store is closed for business?

*You get the urge to tweak that "one rock" in your aquascape before leaving for work in the morning...and are still at it by 2PM?

*You purchase the wrong hose barb fitting at the hardware store when you had the correct one in your hands minutes before...and you told yourself not to get the other one?

*You always lose track of how many drops of pH or other reagent you're adding to the test vial after like the third drop?

*The electrical cord for that vital piece of equipment for you new tank is just 2 inches too short to reach the electrical outlet?

*You always have one more electrical device than there are outlets in your multi-outlet power strip?

*The biggest sale of the year at the LFS or online aquatics vendor occurs the day after you had to make $750 worth of repairs on your car?

*You're so damn addicted to this hobby?

If you can answer these, and other pointed hobby questions- you're better than I.

Until next time, question everything. Search for answers...

And stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics 


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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