Natural Materials- Natural Behaviours?

It kind of makes sense, right? 

I mean, if you're using natural materials, such as rocks, wood, seed pods, etc. in your aquascape, you're probably executing a more faithful representation of the natural environments from where your fishes come from.

And of course, if fishes are residing in a system that more closely resembles their more natural environment, they're more likely to behave more...well- naturally.


Well, yes, but for some reason, we still indoctrinate our kids to keep fishes in systems with artificial, sterile systems with fluorescent gravel and bubbling castles and Sponge Bob- stuff like that. As if the beautiful creations of  nature aren't compelling enough for a child? I think we're not giving our kids the option...

Like, the old thought that kids would actually like stuff like raisons in their lunches instead of potato chips if they were indoctrinated on them, perhaps?

So, next time someone asks you to help set up an aquarium for a kid, why not incorporate natural materials in the display. The interactions between fishes and materials found in the natural environment will be far, far more interesting and educational than any "Diving Saucer" ornament could ever be.

Just my two cents worth for today..

Keep thinking natural.

And Stay Wet!

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics



Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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