The Tannin Experience- a continuing evolution...

One of the things we like the best here at Tannin is the ability to create great experiences for every customer.

We particularly enjoy selecting the botanicals and such for your order, making sure that we select the best representatives of each variety. There is no "mass-produced" product here; rather, each item is carefully selected and packed to order, creating what we hope is a more hardcore, "artisanal" experience, akin to craft-brewed beer or coffee.

We totally understand that when you order one of our aquatic botanicals, it's for a specific purpose- a certain type of display, or to achieve a very special aesthetic. That's why we never give you anything but an individualized experience. As large as we may become, we will not deviate from this process...

As we've stated throughout our evolution here at Tannin, we're not trying to be like everyone else. We aren't trying to compete with the one-stop-shop, bargain super-clearance fish supply sites. That's not what we're about. Sure, we might offer some of the same items (like additives and food and some gear and such) that you might find on the big generic fish sites, but these items were carefully selected to fit into our thematic offerings.

 And, we're probably going to be editing a lot more! In fact, in 2016, you will probably see a reduction in these types of items on our site, and more unique aquatic botanicals, wood, and highly specialized stuff that you probably won't find on other sites. We'll be refining the packaging, perfecting the products. We'll be refining the website experience, and offering a gallery of inspiration, and some videos as well.

We have no intention of ever being a one-stop solution for all of your aquatic gear. Rather, we want to be the place you turn to when you're looking to create specialized setups, or have specific needs.

Don't hesitate to  contact us if you're looking for something very particular (like a botanical in a certain size, shape, color, etc.- or a piece of wood that you need for a specific project), as we will utilize our resources to help you create the display of your dreams! We totally get you, and, based on the enthusiastic response we've seen to date- you get us!

Thanks for your support. Happy Holidays!

Stay excited. Stay creative!

And Stay wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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