Time to stop monkeying around...The "Monkey Pot" makes it's debut at Tannin!

We've made it no secret that we want to dominate the market for "aquatic botanicals.." Yeah, we want to offer the aquatic hobbyist the widest range of natural aquascaping products for the broadest number of applications!

Our frog and herp friends patiently pleaded with us for months to source the cool, elusive, but highly coveted "Monkey Pot!"  After months of searching, we found a great sustainable source for these awesome botanicals! And boy, these frog and herp guys know what they're talking about! 

Bring on the "Monkey Pots!"


A what? I can hear you ask!

The "Monkey Pot" is a nut that comes from the abundant Lecythis tree, native to Amazonia.

The name for the tree actually comes from an old South American proverb, "a wise old monkey doesn't stick its hand into a pot." According to the story,  young monkeys would stick their paw into an almost ripe fruit and would be unable to get it back out because their paws were filled with nuts, while old monkeys would learn to be patient and pull out the nuts one by one. Native hunters would allegedly bait young monkeys with tempting food items placed in the empty shell. 

(A wiser, older Capuchin monkey. Pic by David M. Jensen-cc-by-sa-3.0)

Wow, what a downer, huh? Especially if you're a monkey!

Let's think about happier uses for them!

For the fish or frog geek, they're great looking and have plenty of uses: In the vivarium, you can use 'em as a water vessel, or even a little planter. In the aquarium, the uses are manyfold:  Hiding space, breeding cave, etc., etc., etc.

This is one you're really gonna love...And they last a really, really long time, which makes them a great value, too!

Don't get your paws stuck in them...Ok, bad joke.

But do try one out!

Stay Wet,

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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