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At Tannin, we're all about doing stuff a bit differently- from the selection of things we offer, to the information we provide- right up to the way we pack our stuff for shipment...And we're always looking to do things better and more beneficial for you- our valued customers!

We've kicked around a few ideas of are a couple that people seem interested in:

Would the idea of "cooked" botanical collections appeal to you? You know, botanicals that we've done the prep work on? So all you would most likely have to do is a brief soak and then you can drop 'em in your tank with a better-than average chance that they'll sink right off the bat? We'd call this the "Tannin Now!" collection!

Of course, we'd have to charge more for the time and labor that goes into this- but would it be worth it to you?

The other idea we're kicking around- "Custom picks." In other words, you could pay a set price and mix and match botanical collections of your own choosing...Will take a bit of programming on our end, but we're entertaining the idea if it is something you'd  like to see!

Let us know if you like these or other ideas- or have a thought on a better way! We're always listening on our Facebook Page or by email: tannin

We'll keep trying to improve your experience- to make great changes that will make the whole Tannin thing that much more fun for everyone! Thanks for your support!

Stay Wet!


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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