Reflections on the first 3 months of our existence...

Hard to believe that we've been in operation almost 3 full months! It's been a lot of fun introducing fellow hobbyists to our products and ideas, and we've enjoyed every second of it! We're particularly satisfied that many of you are commenting on the quality of your overall experience with Tannin.

Part of the Tannin experience is the care that we put into each and every order. When your aquatic botanical order is received, we take the time to hand select each and every component from our inventory. None of the Tannin aquatic botanicals are “pre-packaged.” In other words, every leaf, every pod- each and every one- is carefully chosen just for you, with an eye towards aesthetics and value.

We give each specimen the same consideration that we’d employ if we were using it in our own aquarium- because we do. We understand how important that value, pride, and passion are in our hobby- and how important it is to demonstrate these values in everything we do, and through each and every product we offer.

Yeah, it can be a bit time-consuming to prepare dozens of orders this way, but it’s the only way we’re going to do it. Perhaps there are more efficient ways to do this, but we feel that they won’t provide you with the same experience you’d receive when we take the time to hand select everything.

Your experience and satisfaction with every part of the process are super important to us, and we don’t want to be like everyone else in this business. We want you to know that, each and every time you order, you can expect an experience that will reflect our values, service, and aesthetic.

You’ve likely had limited exposure to aquatic botanicals before, so your experience with us is super important. The packaging, the now-famous jute bag, the natural packing materials- each one was chosen to help convey our values and the experience.

I thought of this the other day, because we realized that, yeah- we’re starting to grow, and our fellow hobbyists are beginning to turn to us for more than just botanicals. You’re grabbing small-batch foods, unusual accessories, filter media, and high-quality gear from us, which we’re really happy about! As we’ve said repeatedly, we’re not about being all things to all people. Rather, we’re all about providing a very specific experience, and a carefully curated selection of merchandise that reflects that. 

We promise that, no matter how busy we get, how large we become, that we won’t lose sight of our core values. We won’t abandon our focus, nor will we forget the purpose for our existence- to provide serious hobbyists with the things they need to make their hobby more enjoyable. We will not abandon our “customers first” mindset and practices. We pledge to continue to improve our service, quality, and selection, for the continued enjoyment of you- our valued customers.

You deserve nothing less.

Thanks for making the first three months of Tannin’s existence incredible! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our service, selection, and your overall experience. We want to continue to earn your trust, confidence, and business.



Scott Fellman, Owner

Tannin Aquatics






Sanjay Ghataode
Sanjay Ghataode


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