Keep those cards and emails and Facebook posts- coming, folks!

The only thing more fun than keeping aquarium is when you get stuff for your aquariums! Specifically, unboxing the cool stuff you get for your aquariums!

At Tannin- we totally get that, and that's why we tried to make our packaging as fun as possible to open up, and the process as exciting as the hobby itself! (Well, almost as exciting, actually...)

And we love it when customers show us the whole process, and what we call the "layout"- those cool pics when people put out the whole order for everyone to enjoy...In this instance- artfully down, we might add!


And it's fun to see people doing the whole "aquatic botanical preparation" thing, too!

And of course, seeing them in use is the coolest part!

And we LOVE supporting clubs, too!

Most of all, we love hearing that you're enjoying the stuff we offer- and we love seeing the creative things you're doing with it! Feel free to share on our Facebook page...we love it! (And we're occasionally known to send people who share pics of their Tannin stuff free surprises from time to time..hint, hint!).

Stay happy- Stay Wet!

Scott Fellman

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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