FIRST LOOK: Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter

When we first started obsessing about the concepts of palludariums and ripariums, we realized that we'd need to approach design of these systems just a bit differently than we do with aquariums. First and foremost is the need to locate and attach the plants in the feature in a secure, safe manner, which can harmoniously blend into the background of the display.

Well, along came Aqua Verdi and their ingenious Riparium planter!

This is a nicely constructed acrylic planter that easily sneaks into the background of your tank, and thanks to two strong suction cups, effortlessly holds your plants in place. 

They come two to a pack, and are easily assembled in minutes using an innovative "tab and slot joint" process that literally makes assembly a snap! 

The kit includes a mesh barrier, which helps retain the soil or other growing media, while keeping everything safe and secure. The instructions are precise, clear, and very helpful. The finished product is tight, clean, and useful!


The sturdy suction cups hold the planter securely in place wherever you choose to locate it- a huge deal when creating cool riparium setups. This will allow for lots of flexibility in your design and concepts.

The finished planter measures a compact 4" tall by 2" wide, so it can fit unobtrusively most anywhere!

Watch for these cool planters this week, along with other cool related products...and, coming soon- riparium PLANTS! (shh, it's a secret still...)

Stay Wet (and green!)

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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