Get ready er- create a riparium!

You know we love crazy cool ideas to create awesome tanks.

One of my long-time dreams was to see more aquarists trying out new ideas like Paludariums, ripariums, and vivariums. Well, we're going to be offering ga lot of cool new items in coming weeks to help you try out some new aquatic adventures, including a few surprises!

It's all part of our ongoing commitment to be your source for the stuff you need to express your aquatic creativity!

(Photo by Devin @Xantusi for his stuff coming to Tannin!)

We'll be launching a bunch of new products in the coming weeks- each one will help you replicate aspects of the natural aquatic environment. Each one will have that one element that we all love from this hobby- FUN!


If you're looking for something special to help accomplish some aquatic goal- tell us! We'll do our best to source it for you!

Stay creative! Stay engaged!

Stay Wet!


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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