The ultimate "impulse buy?"

Serious fish geeks NEVER make impulse buys, right? 


Well, if you're like must of us, you certainly do...And releasing newly-acquired fishes into your established systems is just playing "Russian roulette" with your fish collection! So the safest way to protect all of your fishes is to set up a simple quarantine tank.

What better way to filter it than the humble Hydra Bio Sponge filter. This little gem, if left somewhere in your display tank, will "colonize" beneficial bacteria that consume nitrite, ammonia, and nitrate...providing you with an on demand "impulse-buy-proof" filter that you simply throw into your 10 gallon quarantine tank (which you just filled with water from your last water change), along with a heater, and you're good to go...

Such a small investment to assure the health and safety of your entire collection. And, at just $6.25, this little filter might be itself the best impulse buy you ever made! 

Just get'll thank yourself later!

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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