"Habitat Enrichment"- What's that mean?

Every aquatic botanical we offer provides some advantage for your aquarium. We call it "habitat enrichment."

In other words, every leaf, every pod...every piece of wood- provides not only aesthetic benefits, but imparts tannins and other substances to the water that influence the aquarium environment in some way, much as occurs in nature.




We know from personal experience- and the experience of many other tropical fish enthusiasts- that using these natural materials in their aquariums has led to more colorful fishes, enhanced breeding behavior, greater egg viability, and overall health and vigor...and of course, they help create a cool-looking display, too!

"Habitat enrichment." More than just words. In our opinion, it's a critical component (along with diet and other factors) of a successful aquarium.

Enrich your aquarium habitat with Tannin's carefully curated selection of premium aquatic botanicals.



Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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