Roll out the red carpet for the "Tapete Pod!"

We receive a lot of requests from hobbyists who want to assemble a diverse, functional "leaf litter" section in an aquarium, and want to know what we feel are great candidates to include. In addition to the leaves that we offer, we are always recommending the awesome "Tapete Pod"


The "Tapete Pod" is a nifty pod, which, when combined with leaves and some of our other "flat" pods, creates a very cool "stream bottom" look. It's large, very attractive, relatively easy to get to sink:) and quite durable (i.e.; it lasts a good long time)!


Shrimp and catfishes seem to love foraging among groupings of "Tapete Pods", you can anchor aquatic mosses to 'em, and we've seen at lease a couple of occasions where Apistos have taken up residence under a "matrix" of these pods! 

Just another cool product to help you create a more natural-looking aquarium for your fave fishes! We kinda think you'll love it!

Stay Wet!


Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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