Wisdom from "the pod whisperers"- our community!

So, we've been up and running just a very short time, and in that time, feedback and community has been amazing! We've learned a lot from our our own experiments, as well as from customers, fans, and beta testers of our products.

Here are the "Top 6 Things We Learned About Aquatic Botanicals from End Users":

1) The "Savu Pod" has proven to be "Apisto-Friendly", with a number of users telling (and showing) us about specimens that took on a Savu as their "home turf."


2) You can run Alder Cones, Catappa Leaves, and "Frita Pods" in a small filter or reactor (ohh..I'm thinking about the uber-cool Innovative Marine"MiniMax" reactor for this purpose) to use as a sort of "tannin-reactor", keeping the material contained while water flows through it. You get "the tint" without having to keep the materials in your tank, if that's your thing. More on this soon!


3) The "Jungle Pod" is so versatile, that our customers are using them for things as diverse as "planters" for Crypts, Spawning substrates for Cichlids, and even a "feeding station" for Crystal shrimp, in one instance. 


4) "Capsula Pods" have a fleshy interior that will soften over time, providing a supplemental food source that shrimp go nuts over!


5) "Tapete Pods", "Encontro Pods", and "Helix Pods" are proving great supplements to a more "active" leaf litter bed, since they don't decompose like leaves do. They can for ma "permanent" component of your leaf litter "zone" in your biotope tank.


6) We're starting to see more and more Herp fans order our Aquatic botanicals to use in their terrariums and frog tanks. Many of them are perfect for this use! 

We'll have lots more cool stuff debuting soon; in the meantime, we greatly appreciate your support, friendship, and sharing! 

Stay Wet!


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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