The Tannin "Enigma Bag:" Because everyone loves a good mystery, right?

"You'll just have to trust us!"


We love the idea of a good surprise...I mean, who doesn't? And "good surprise" in the context of fish-geek-dom is a really good thing...words that can get the heart racing, at the very least! 

So, with the dual ideas of providing a cool experience and great value for fellow aquarists, we came up with the idea of the Tannin "Enigma Bag"- a custom-curated selection of stuff for you, with an air of surprise, fun, and outright mystery about it!


The Tannin "Enigma Bag" will contain an assortment of cool stuff selected from our website collection...but you won't know exactly WHAT until you receive it. 

Hand-selected aquatic botanicals, small batch food, gear..maybe even something we don't have on the site yet..who knows? What we do assure you is that value of the items you'll receive will definitely exceed what you pay! Available in 3 different price points ($25, $50, and $75)! 

Simply select the value of the "Enigma Bag" that you want from our site, and give us a little idea of what you're into in the "notes" section of the order page (i.e.; Cichlids, Bettas, Shrimp, etc.) - and we'll do the rest! 

We're pretty sure that you'll love it- after all, everyone loves a good mystery, right?

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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