The "Burden Relief Dividend" in Aquarium Keeping.

Stuff changes on like a weekly basis in the aquarium world, doesn't it?

Ever thought about this? Technology and technique are changing rapidly, creating new successes, new challenges, and new opportunities to those who embrace them. 

Think about it for a second. Even though breakthroughs happen, forever changing the way we keep tropical fishes, they yield still further  opportunities for disruption and change. For example, the development of filtration in the aquarium put us at a new crossroads: I imagine that the first time a hobbyist used a filter in an aquarium, it created a very interesting dilemma. 

The hobbyist, relived of at least some of the burden of water quality management on a daily basis, could either use the extra time to improve some other aspect of his/her aquarium, or could simply sit back and watch their (now cleaner) aquarium. I like to think that he/she went to work on other things, like figuring out how to grow plants, spawn the Neon Tetra, improve the way aquariums were heated, etc.- but the breakthrough itself was the key to creating new possibilities.

It's always been that way.

Every time a technological improvement or change in technique comes along, we basically have two options as aquarists: Embrace the technology and technique, kick back and enjoy our aquariums...or, move on to working on the "next" great problem in the aquarium world (while enjoying our aquariums).

Two distinctly different reactions. Each with pleasant possibilities.

However, I for one, am thankful that aquarium technology and technique seem to spur us as a group tor turn our energies and new-found time towards other innovative ideas.

So, not ONLY does adapting new innovations help us accomplish more with less effort, it  gives us the option of doing more with the time we are now afforded.

Using leaves and botanicals and such is not some sort of "breakthrough", on par with the development of the aquarium heater or canister filter. However, I believe that embracing this growing trend towards exploring natural materials in our aquariums is providing hobbyists new opportunities to maintain, spawn and rear fishes that may have been a bit more challenging to work with in more "sterile" or "conventional" aquarium conditions.

In other words, with the ability to create a more natural situation for many species of fishes comes the opportunity to progress on other aspects of their care and breeding.  Or, of course, we can simply enjoy them and their more natural behaviors in their leave new setup and call it a day.

Something simply made easier, better.

That's the beauty- and challenge- of what I call the "Burden Relief Dividend." The benefit of having one challenge or burden relived is that it creates more possibilities for us. 

What we choose to do with them is for us to decide. The benefits of both paths are quite obvious...

Today's brief aquatic musing, brought to you by the hobbyists who have always pushed us towards more and greater successes, for the benefit of the hobby, the human spirit...and of course, the fishes we keep.

Whatever path you take, be sure to stay enthusiastic, appreciative, open-minded...

And Stay Wet.

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics


Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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