"Streamlined Sparkles" 2018 Calendar by Sumer Tiwari

Let's face it. As fish geeks, we love looking at pics of fishes...and if we're going to look at pics of fishes, they might as well be AWESOME pics, right? And if they're in a calendar...even better! And if that calendar contains some top-secret Tannin Aquatics discount codes for savings on our stuff at various times throughout the year...well- THAT is a calendar worth owning, right? Yup! Enter the "Streamlined Sparkles" 2018 calendar by our friend, noted fish geek/author/photographer, Sumer Tiwari!

Sumer's awesome pics have graced publications like Amazons magazine for years, and now you can have a year's worth of his awesome shots in one place! His 2018 calendar has 12 full months of amazing fish pics! And hidden throughout the year are some cool little Tannin discount codes, good for savings on everything on our site! The codes are only available to the lucky few who grab one of these cool calendars...super exclusive!  

It's a cool calendar with a storied history..It started out as a local thing in Sumer's Denver, CO fish community...and sort of grew from there! Summer pics up the story:

"I started creating these calendars in 2014. Back in 2014, I was posting almost every image that I took on social media. A friend suggested that I save some of the best images and create a coffee table photo book. I Liked the idea but I didn't have enough photos to put together a coffee table book. That's when I decided to make the calendar. Over the years, the response was overwhelming! I pick the species very carefully. I also get multiple requests from people to put certain species in the calendar. I try to have a good mix of rare, 'I want that' kind of species, with 'oh wow, I have these!' kinds of species."

Fortunately, we were able to cajole Sumer into letting us obtain a small supply of these exclusive calendars! We're thrilled to offer them to you...real "limited edition" calendars, filed with beautiful pics by Sumer! Oh..and those Tannin gift codes aren't too bad, either!

Makes an awesome gift for that special fish geek you know...or for yourself! Grab one today before they're gone!


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