NatureBase- Mangal (approx 2LB Bag)


Created to be a supplemental or primary substrate to grow Mangroves in the brackish water aquarium, Naturebase Mangal is a blend of sands, soils, minerals, marine sediments, and live PNS bacteria. We've been using this unique mix for some time now in our own mangrove systems, both as a "stand alone" substrate, and as a mix with aragonite sand.

  • An ideal substrate for Mangrove growth in fresh, brackish, or Marien water
  • Has a unique natural look
  • Outstanding to use as either a primary substrate, or to mix in with other materials, like sand

Like our other NatureBase substrates, no rinsing or preparation is required. You may experience some turbidity for an extended period of time, which will clear out gradually. 



NOTE: You will likely experience some siltation/turbidity in the water, which may clear over time. You should also expect some tint to the water caused by some of the fine mineral and sediment materials present in the mix, even if you're flooding your system with clear brackish or fresh water.



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