Littorina sp. (Mangrove Periwinkle) Shells (.5oz/142g. package)

Littorinia are small (approx. 1/4" /.63cm or less) mollusks which are found throughout the tropical mangrove estuaries. They are known commonly as "Periwinkles", and are prolific members of the mangrove community.

They are commonly found on mangrove roots, leaves, and branches, where they feed on biofilms and organic matter. To simulate this in your mangrove-themed brackish aquarium, simply glue them randomly to various location on your mangrove roots. This will be a remarkably realistic representation of how these tiny creatures are distributed in this fascinating environmental niche!

These are quite clean; however, we do recommend a rinse in freshwater prior to using them in your aquarium, to remove any residual dust and dirt. 

We offer these shells in .5 oz (142g) packs, which contain approximately 100 shells, which should give you plenty to work with! 


All of our shells are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. Please use common sense and take the time to rinse prior to using them, to reduce the possibility of problems. Always go slow when introducing any natural materials into your systems, so you can judge the effect they have on your fishes and plants. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!




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